The Kids' Communication Center is a pediatric speech-language therapy practice located in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We provide comprehensive speech-language evaluations and treatment, typically to children between age two through middle school, and address a wide range of communication issues. Individual and group therapy sessions are available; school visits may also be available upon request.

All of our talented speech-language pathologists have Master's degrees, are licensed in the District of Columbia and are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Most have received training in both PROMPT and oral-motor therapy techniques.

The Kids' Communication Center therapists believe that it is important to collaborate with everyone who is involved in a child's care. This includes parents, nannies/caretakers, teachers, doctors, and other professionals. In fact, The Kids' Communication Center shares office space with a separate pediatric occupational therapy practice called Leaps and Bounds. In order to minimize transitions for the child and to convenience the parents, our two businesses will try to provide back-to-back speech and occupational therapy sessions when requested.

Lectures on Speech and Language Development

Laura Glaser, speech-language pathologist and director of The Kids' Communication Center, has spoken at numerous locations throughout the community on the topics of speech and language development/disorders. She has presented for The George Washington University's Speech and Hearing Department, at the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association Early Childhood Conference, and at a symposium organized by National Child Research Center and St. Columba's Nursery School called, Including Every Learner: How Schools, Families, and Experts Can Better Educate Children with Challenges. She will also serve on an upcoming panel for the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.

Summer Camp

During the summer of 2019, Laura participated in running an intensive speech-language and occupational therapy camp at St. Columba's Nursery School.

Community Service

The Kids' Communication Center believes that it is important to contribute to the community. Accordingly, we have made donations to many groups and organizations, including Friendship Park (a.k.a. Turtle Park), Georgetown's Jingle at Georgetown University Hospital, and Hope for Henry.

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