At The Kids' Communication Center, we strive to create a treatment environment that is safe, nurturing, and fun. We believe that children learn best through play and therefore employ a play-based approach during our speech therapy sessions. It is also important that each child feels successful; we are always balancing the level of challenge with the level of support.

We have two large treatment areas modeled after occupational therapy gyms. They are equipped with squishy floor mats, giant pillows, a colorful ball pit, climbing wall, trampoline, zip line, and a number of interchangeable swings that can be hung from the ceiling.

We have an entire walk-in closet (and shelving space within each treatment room) filled with toys and board games that can be used during speech therapy activities. As you can imagine, many children leave our office without even realizing that they have been working. Two smaller treatment rooms are available for use during table activities and speech-language evaluations. In addition, our office has a variety of materials that supplement more specialized therapy techniques, including Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment Kits and Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson oral-motor tools.


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