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Treatment Techniques/Programs

Provides explanations of speech-language disorders, current research, requirements for National certification as a speech-language pathologist, and other resources for the public and professionals.

All of our speech-language pathologists have

been trained in the PROMPT therapy technique. Click

to learn more!

Learn about the systematic Kaufman approach to treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech,

a motor speech disorder. We frequently use the Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment Kits (found here).

Speech-language therapy games and materials to assist with at-home practice.

"Chewelry" (jewelry that is safe to chew), which provides sensory stimulation and input to the oral musculature.

Therapy Materials for Purchase

*The Kids' Communication Center does not sell products or materials. Listed are links to the websites of outside providers.

Oral motor tools such as bite blocks, Ark grabbers, horns, bubble blowers, and vibrating Jigglers.


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