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A speech-language evaluation is recommended if your child:

  • is not talking or has few spoken words

  • does not initiate play/interaction or make eye contact with others

  • does not point to pictures or objects when named

  • whines/cries or gestures to request things instead of speaking

  • has difficulty following spoken directions

  • has difficulty understanding you when you talk

  • is unable to engage in back-and-forth conversation

  • gets "stuck" when speaking or repeats sounds/words excessively

  • has difficulty answering questions (e.g., who, what, where)

  • has difficulty coming up with a word or putting sentences together

  • pronounces sounds incorrectly

  • is difficult to understand

  • sticks his/her tongue out when speaking or swallowing

  • displays frustration related to his/her communication skills

  • is having difficulty in school related to his/her communication skills

This is a picture of a small child playing with a shape sorter during a speech therapy session. The Kids' Communication Center provides pediatric speech therapy to kids or children in Washington DC.


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