November 2017 ~ Happy November! Below are some Thanksgiving-themed activities you can try with your child to boost his/her speech-language skills:

August 2017 ~ We hope that everyone is enjoying the end of summer and gearing up for the new school year! Is your child preparing to enter kindergarten? Click below to download our speech-language pathologists' tips for practicing kindergarten readiness skills like letter identification, phonemic awareness, and language/vocabulary!

2/14/17 ~ Happy Valentine's Day! Today at KCC, we are having fun making edible Valentine cards! While assembling their snacks, children are practicing skills like requesting and protesting supplies/ingredients and telling the steps in the procedure using specific vocabulary, correct grammar, and sequencing words. Children are reading Valentine's Day books to practice answering "wh" questions, labeling and describing pictures to build vocabulary and grammar, and discussing how they would feel or react in different social scenarios.

2/12/17 ~ New toys and games were just added to our already extensive collection!










2/10/17 ~ The Kids' Communication Center now has a Facebook page! Follow us for periodic posts containing therapy tips/ideas and announcements about our practice.


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