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A speech-language pathologist or speech therapist provides play-based speech therapy to children in Washington DC

We are continuing to accept new clients via teletherapy and are currently enrolling for


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"Laura, you are such a joy and pleasure to collaborate with. The children obviously love you and your passion for your job is clearly evident. We are so appreciative of everything you do..."

Director of a DC preschool

"I was just so impressed with how quickly you developed a rapport with him. And it was fun to listen to his enthusiasm (and even to hear the targeted sounds) as he played the games with you. [My child] has been asking me when we're going back to play with Holly and thinks a week is a long time to wait."

"We are both so pleased with the work you have done with [our child] the past few months. [My husband] said his goal has always been to have [our child] speaking and articulating by the first grade yet after working with you, [our child] has come so far so fast that he almost cannot believe it is the same child. Given that my husband himself suffered speech challenges and knows first hand how difficult it can be, I hope you take that comment to heart."


"Words can hardly express how thankful we are for the the amazing work that you did with our son. Laura, your patience, encouragement and positive approach gave him the help he needed to improve and blossom into the happy boy that he is. You have a big heart and children feel this..."

"I know [our child] will miss seeing you every week... What you were able to accomplish with him is nothing short of magical to me, although I know it's not magic but hard work and talent on your part."

"...the DCPS speech pathologist told us that he had to be at 50% of normal to qualify, and that if he were her child she would take him for services independently. We have used The Kids Communication Center on Wisconsin Avenue (Alicia and Julie) and loved them."

"Thank you again for your great work with [our children]! It makes me feel so much better to know that we have you in our lives, providing such wonderful help and guidance!" 

"You're great. Thanks so much for all your help and guidance these last few months. You've been fantastic.  The materials will be a great help to us as we make this transition."

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